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Our programs

1.Integrated Pest Management

The program endeavors to promote pest management systems that are environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economically sound to our communities. We encourage the use of a variety of options that enhance good agricultural techniques and less reliance of synthetic pesticides......more

2.Agroforestry & Smart Agriculture

In order to respond to the challenge of climate change and to achieve food security and poverty alleviation, the program works with smallholder farmers to sustainably increase agricultural productivity and smallholder incomes,...more

3.Organic Farming

The program aims at supporting farmers to farmers to produce healthy foods through practices that reduce use of synthetic pesticides that are harmful to both our health and the environment......more

4.Young graduates and Student Attachment program

Through partnership with learning institutions, the program seeks to tap onto the large pool of young professionals with innovative capabilities to help meet the organization’s mission.....more

5.Soil health and Management

Soil nutrient depletion brought about by conventional farming methods and mono-cropping has led to low crop productivity and poverty. As a solution to decreasing soil productivity, .....more

6.Renewable Energy

As a mitigation effort towards global warming, deforestation and pollution; the program is devised to promote affordable, clean and accessible energy ......more

Capacity Development Training Program

Africa IPM Alliance offers the following course:

1.Integrated Pest Management and food security 4 Daysi.Introduction to IPM
ii.IPM approaches
iii.IPM methodologies
iv.Propagation and use of pesticidal plants
2.Organization Development 4 Daysi.Introduction to OD
ii.Organizational Culture(Vision,mission,goals,objectives,resource mobilisation,monitoring and evaluation
3.Resource mobilisation 3 Daysi.Introduction to Resource Mobilisation
ii.RM strategies
4.Sustainable seed production and multiplication 3 Daysi.Introduction to Seed production
ii.Types of seed production
iii.Seed production methods
5.Agricultural market value chain 4 Daysi.Introduction to Market value chains
ii.Understanding markets
iii.Value addition
6.Sustainable agriculture and food production 5 DaysThe whole concept of sustainable food production
7.Hydroponics technology 1 DayIntroduction and processes of hydroponics
8.Soil testing and treatment processes1 DayKnowing your soil status for maximum production

N/B:The above trainings are carried out through practical on farm sessions, tailor made courses or formation of farmer field schools

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